Chromebook diaries: day five

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I think I'm ready to get back to my PC.

(Credit: Acer)

That's not to suggest that I hate the Chromebook because I most certainly don't. And it's certainly not that today has been particularly hard — it's actually been a bit of a breeze.

I'm not actually sure what's making me pine for the desktop world of Windows, really. It's just a collection of small things I miss, I guess — a kind of gestalt of minor functionality that I'm eager to have.

Spotify, as I mentioned yesterday, is a big part of it. So is my TomTom Multi-Sport watch, which I haven't been able to dock, leaving me unable to upload any of my run data. And a few other bits and pieces.

I'll be writing a proper verdict on Monday after I've had some time to process my thoughts, but if I had to use a single word to describe the experience, it might be "adequate".

In terms of a piece of hardware, however, I've liked the C720. The touch pad took some time, but the keyboard is genuinely good to use: nice travel on the keys and a great feel for a small laptop.

In the whole time I was using it, I don't think the battery got even close to half empty. Some of that was how desk bound I was, but a lot can be attributed to fact that Acer has put a really long-lasting battery into the Chromebook.

And finally, I did eventually find out how to adjust the screen brightness. It turns out I was right: I was definitely being stupid and missing something obvious.

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SimonM4 posted a comment   

How long is a piece of string? Is a phrase hat would seem to fit here this litle unit does have a lot to offer but that said I would venture the market to be aimed at college student,or the like, myself found it to be limttedand reaching for my mac


BernardC1 posted a comment   

Thanks Nic for this week long review - I am looking forward to Monday after you have had the weekend to think over the week. It also would be nice to see you use it for a full month - really get stuck into it.
I found that it took me a month to get into Windows 8 and the same time to really understand how the Surface worked.
I still have Win 8 on home PC and although not using Surface anymore (change of job unfortunately) if it came up on offer again I would jump at it.

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