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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Classic 1936 camera turned into a digital monster

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(Credit: Moscow Photo)

Photography purists, you're going to want to look away for this one.

Over on eBay, a store called Moscow Photo is selling a very bizarre, Frankenstein's monster-like camera. The shell is that of a 35mm rangefinder, but the inside is a Sony Cyber-shot WX1.

We don't quite understand why, either.

According to the listing, the camera is one of a kind, emblazoned with the Olympic logo and made especially for the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games. As you may recall from history lessons, the 1936 event wasn't exactly your standard Olympics.

However, we're not quite sure of the camera's origins. The listing calls it a Zorki, but the Russian cameras only came into production in 1948. The markings at the base of the camera look like it could be a Leica from 1936; after all, it does say "Leitz Wetzlar". Early Zorkis were rather slavishly based off Leicas, so it could just be a typo, but there's no other trace of such a camera existing — at least from a quick online search.

Whatever its origins, there's no doubt that this camera is just plain weird. Interested? This one will set you back US$1200.


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