Click Frenzy promises 'unbelievable range of deals' on Tuesday

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If you're tech inclined, you've likely heard of Cyber Monday.

(Credit: Click Frenzy)

In the US following Thanksgiving, Black Friday begins, and so does the Christmas shopping season, resulting in some crazy in-store bargains. With the rise of the internet, this eventually gave birth to Cyber Monday, a day of crazy online deals for those who don't wish to, well, do this:

It seems that someone in Australia wanted to follow this trend, and so comes Click Frenzy, perhaps with the promise of trying to invigorate Australia's retail scene.

Click Frenzy has attracted an impressive 180 retailers associated with the sale, including Telstra, Vodafone, Myer, Dick Smith, Toys"R"Us, Ted's Cameras, Camera House, Lenovo, Dell and loads of non-tech-related brands for clothing, furniture, alcohol, books and home wares.

You can check out the full list of retailers getting in on the action here.

Online retailer Kogan is involved, and has revealed to CNET Australia some of the secret discounts that will be coming up in the sale tomorrow:

  • 22-inch LED TV with PVR for AU$139 (26 per cent discount)

  • Twin-tuner HD digital set-top box with PVR for AU$59 (25 per cent discount)

  • 46-inch borderless LED TV for AU$499 (33 per cent discount)

  • 55-inch 3D LED TV (full HD) for AU$799 on presale special (20 per cent discount).

Telstra has also teased some of its offers. BigPond Music will offer a 50 per cent discount on all albums in its catalogue, while BigPond Shopping has selected bed linen for the same 50 per cent discount.

If you're up for a bargain, head to Click Frenzy to sign up. The fun begins on 20 November at 7pm AEDST, and runs for a full 24 hours.

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David7 posted a comment   

I still believe shopping online in the US or UK is significantly cheaper than shopping online locally. With many overseas online shopping sites offering discounted shipping rates to Oz, it has never been more accessible or convenient to shop the world. There are currently many quality informational sites such as which provide Aussies guidance and the know how, how to shop online overseas. To me its a no brainer.


trixie8 posted a comment   

It actually begins on 20 November!


Craig Simms posted a reply   

Darn slipping fingers :) Fixed, thanks Trixie!

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