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Using a digital SLR

A digital SLR camera is a wonderful tool. In the hands of a master photographer, it can produce magnificent works of colour and composition. However, if you don't take the time to truly understand the camera and its capabilities it can just end up as an expensive toy.

Like any good tool, you need to find out more about your dSLR in order to use it to its fullest. Getting familiar with your camera is important, especially with the fine-tuning and accuracy that a dSLR is capable of. dSLR technology and terminology are also very different from conventional digital cameras, building on what is usually automated there and taking it a step further.

While all dSLRs boast some form of automation, such as the Basic Zone exposure modes (including a full Auto option where almost all settings are determined by the camera) and the usual Program (P) Auto exposure mode, it's best to understand what the modes actually control and what settings are best used for which situations.

With this knowledge at your fingertips, it makes it that much easier to get the effect and result you want. Above all: Practice, practice, practice!

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PatrickK4 posted a comment   

Is it possible to get this guide in a one pdf file?


joe posted a comment   

realy any camera can take a marco, but to get a good macro you'll want any decent slr with a special marco lense, which you'll probably have to buy seperatly


cdn posted a comment   

wanting SLR for close up shoots of flowers, native orchids, (small) can you suggest? camera and lens


MichelleL2 posted a comment   

Excellent guide. I am wanting an DSLR for action sports photography (Mainly kids skateboarding or playing footy), candid shots and portraits (casual). What would you recommend. My budget is max. $2000.00 but am just a beginner so less would be best. ps. video is not a requirement.


julz posted a comment   

hi, your reviews are great, I was looking at getting the d90 and enrolling myself in a coarse to understand it all a bit better. On the d90 review the guy said "it should be near the top of your list" just wondering what you think should be at the top of my list, for around that price range? any help is much appreciated .


fiona posted a comment   

incredible guide
thankyou very much!


ransrp posted a comment   

thanks. well explained superguide.


Minymurf posted a comment   

This is an awesome guide.
Im new to photography and this has really helped me out alot.

It explains alot of the basics in enough detail so you understand it but dont get confused.


Isaac posted a comment   

Who would use a DC for over 2 years?


sydneysider posted a comment   

Excellent, well informed, thought provoking and written in a language that a novice can understand. It manages the impossible task of making sense of the madness that dSLR can be. I can't thank you enough. Keep it up.

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