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Seamus Byrne is the Editor of CNET Australia. At other times he'll be found messing with apps, watching TV, building LEGO, and rolling dice. Usually at the same time.

Join us at 6pm on Wednesday, 20 June at CNET Australia's HQ in World Square, Sydney, for a reader meet-up as CNET's Craig Simms and Seamus Byrne talk about their first-hand take from this year's Computex event in Taipei, Taiwan.

To grab a seat at the event, email us on and tell us in 25 words or less what DIY hardware tweaks you've planned for the future.

Just one of five halls at Computex
(Credit: CNET Asia)

This year's Computex was a turning point for the once humble desktop. We thought we'd see a new wave of tablets, but instead, saw an evolution of Ultrabooks that may cut tablets out of the picture entirely.

From the latest in PCs to the quirkiest gadgets, and booths from across all five halls of the show, we'll chat about how this event painted a new picture of the PC path from here to 2014 and beyond, show you more from the show than we could publish on site, and leave plenty of time to chat over a drink about all the latest in the tech scene.

See you there!

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