Coffeemaker automatically orders refills

The Nespresso Zenius keeps track of coffee capsule usage and automatically places a reorder when necessary.

(Credit: Nespresso)

It is pretty easy to become complacent regarding the availability of goods and services. Mobile devices let us order whatever we may need with a simple touch, and can even tell us directions on how to get to a good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store if the need arises. While there may be countless apps for helping us to order, organise and plan, even the best of us will occasionally forget to plan for the big stuff — like making sure there is enough coffee.

The Nespresso Zenius is an office and hospitality solution that keeps the coffee flowing. Using a SIM card to connect to Nespresso's "Customer Relationship Centre", the coffee-making gadget, in essence, phones home when it is time for a refill.

The dream of the connected home is slowly becoming a reality. For the case of the Zenius, it is easy to see that the fact that it uses capsules, along with recognition technology, makes it easier to track consumption. Exporting that tech to the home, where many random factors exist, would prove to be a greater difficulty. Until that time, we will all just have to remember to pick up some beans on the way home.


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