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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Comics website Comics Alliance to relaunch?

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The massively popular comics website was seemingly shut down by AOL late last month — yet a new post on the website hints at a return.

Three-time Eisner award-winning comics website Comics Alliance went mysteriously silent towards the end of April, to the distress and consternation of comics fans.

No word — official or otherwise — was heard from either parent company AOL or any of the Comics Alliance staff members. However, the lack of updates on the site since 29 April, where it usually updated several times a day, seemed to confirm that Comics Alliance was being shelved and archived. This apparent move was puzzling, as the site was not losing money; quite the contrary, in fact.

However, a new post on the website seems to indicate that perhaps the whole thing was merely a hiatus. Titled ";)" (the wink emoticon), the post is a series of panels from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns showing Superman hearing Batman's heartbeat after the latter has faked his own death.

Although we don't know why the website would fake us out, we bet its return is going to be something great — even if it's just Comics Alliance back on our daily RSS feeds. Stay tuned.


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