CommSec launches iPhone trading app

Commonwealth Bank of Australia's securities trading arm CommSec has launched what it claims is the first home-grown iPhone application in Australia.

Australia's largest online share broker announced its iPhone application today, saying the tool allowed users to take advantage of the iPhone's touchscreen functionality.

Called the "CommSec iPhone Edition", CommSec said its clients with iPhones could use the tool to achieve similar functionality to using a wireless laptop — "log-in anywhere, keep up to date with market news and prices, research companies and their performance, monitor their stock portfolio, and buy and sell shares."

"CommSec's iPhone trading application suits a significant proportion of our clients who require instant online access allowing them to place orders anywhere, at anytime," said CommSec managing director Matt Comyn in a statement.


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Jimmy posted a comment   

I just installed it, looks good - except I can only look at ordinary shares - can't see my margin loan which is kind of important...


Davo posted a comment   

One would think that this being the case you should be able to write part of the iphone and running costs off if you own shares. Any accountants out there able say to how much?


Shmacky posted a comment   

If you signed up with Telstra with the iPhone you wont want to be signing in everywhere unless you are really making a lot of money with your shares....

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