Complement your Bentley with gold or platinum sunnies

If you've already hoarded all of the gold bars and Krugerrands that you can carry against the current economic downturn, you might want to look into sunglasses. And not just to protect your eyes from the glare of your shiny bullion, as Bentley will soon offer sunglass frames made from 18 carat gold.

Bentley sunglasses

(Credit: Bentley)

The sunglasses are specifically designed to complement the ultra-luxurious Bentley Mulsanne, and feature hand-crafted knurling along the ear pieces and an enamelled Bentley "B". Even the cases for these sunglasses use the same quality cowhide as the car's seats.

And, of course, the lenses give 100 per cent ultraviolet protection.

Bentley's gold frame sunglasses will run you about US$16,285. If you are of that economic class who thinks that gold is too pedestrian, consider the alternative platinum frames. Those will cost you a cool US$50,500.

Don't go looking for Bentley Eyewear at your local Sunglass Hut, though; these shades can only be custom ordered. Currently on sale in Russia and China, Bentley Eyewear will expand sales to the UK, the US and the Middle East later this year.


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ozoneocean posted a comment   

More likle "specifically designed" to be a knock-off of the classic Ray Ban Aviator style. An expensive knock-off...
Just goes to show, you can slap a crappy brand name on anything and then charge accordingly, even on knock-offs.


KeatonH posted a reply   

The price is because it's made of gold or platinum. and Bentley isn't a crappy name. Nothing you said makes sense.


ozoneocean posted a reply   

Benly is a car brand without anywhere near the same chache it used to have. In terms of sunglasses, it is crappy, In fact it's basically meaningless. As for the value of the precious metals, your comment makes no sense. the value of the metal in these little frames does not equal the price charged. that's pretty easy to work out ;)
They're not even solid gold or platinum because then they're only last about a week...

Before you comment, next time exercise a bit of logic, critical thinking, and realise that others might know a little more about a subject than yourself. ;)

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