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  • Back to School 2014: Best laptops

    Back to School 2014: Best laptops

    Heading back to study and looking for a new laptop? Here's a few of the latest models you should have on your shortlist.

  • Best Haswell laptops

    Best Haswell laptops

    We round up and rank the 4th Generation Intel Core laptops we've seen to date. 3

  • Best ultrabooks

    Best ultrabooks

    Ultrabooks aim to offer the best of portability and performance in a single package. Here are the best we've seen so far, whether traditional, touchscreen or convertible hybrids. 5

  • Best e-readers in Australia

    Best e-readers in Australia

    Now that e-readers are becoming more common, Australians can choose from more than the Kindle. But each device claims benefits over its rivals; how do you know which one will best suit your particular needs? 207

  • Best gaming headsets

    Best gaming headsets

    If you're serious about the games you play, then gaming headphones are a must-have gadget for gamers, and not just because they allow your loved ones to sleep during your late-night frag fests. 3

  • Best gaming laptops

    Best gaming laptops

    Keen to get your game on but want to stay portable or hide it away when not needed? These laptops show what the latest machines have to offer. 33

  • Best laptops under $1000

    Best laptops under $1000

    You've got AU$1000 burning a hole in your pocket and you're itching for a new laptop — which should you go for? 17

  • Best media-centre streamers

    Best media-centre streamers

    A media streamer should be a core component of any home-cinema set-up. Here are some devices that will definitely fit the bill. 12

  • Top-rated products of October 2012

    Top-rated products of October 2012

    What products made it to the top of the testing heap last month? We cut to the chase with this round-up of the highest-rating products we reviewed in October.

  • Best Windows 7 laptops

    Best Windows 7 laptops

    Need a new laptop, but want to avoid Windows 8? Here's our favourite Windows 7 laptops so far.

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