Laptops reviews

  • Gigabyte U24Ti5

    Gigabyte U24Ti5

    CNET Rating8.7

    If you've only got a grand to spend, and need a machine as capable at Excel as it is at Call of Duty, this is the laptop for you. 1

  • Dell XPS 11

    Dell XPS 11

    CNET Rating7.5

    The keyboard will define this hybrid laptop for most users. Love it and the XPS 11 is a very attractive device. Loathe it and you won’t want to go near it.

  • ASUS Vivobook S551LB

    ASUS Vivobook S551LB

    CNET Rating6.6

    Offering a decent balance between price and performance, ASUS unfortunately had to compromise on screen quality to keep the cost down.

  • Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series

    Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series

    CNET Rating7.5

    Though its components and performance are somewhat average for its price, the Dell Inspiron 14 7000 Series' aluminium chassis, backlit keyboard and 1080p touchscreen give it a more premium feel. 1

  • Asus Transformer Book T100

    Asus Transformer Book T100

    The Asus Transformer Book T100 revives the netbook value proposition in a budget 10-inch laptop that doubles as a tablet. You won’t love it, but for bang for buck, it’s hard to beat. 1

  • Dell Inspiron 11

    Dell Inspiron 11

    With a price that harks back to the glory days of netbooks, Dell's Inspiron 11 still packs in a touchscreen and Intel processor. 1

  • Origin EON17-SLX

    Origin EON17-SLX

    CNET Rating8.4

    Cramming the most high-end parts into a massive 17-inch body will top AU$5000, but you also get a powerful laptop that has more next-gen gaming muscle than any living-room console.

  • Alienware 17

    Alienware 17

    It's not as much of a conversation piece as the tank-like Alienware 18, but the slimmer, lighter Alienware 17 is arguably more practical for serious gamers with realistic budgets.

  • Alienware 18

    Alienware 18

    CNET Rating8.4

    There's a premium to be paid, but the massive Alienware 18 is a show-off-worthy desktop replacement that takes down even the newest PC games and is just plain fun to use. 3

  • Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

    Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus

    CNET Rating8.7

    If you’re just looking for an all-round excellently made Windows touch ultrabook, the improved Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus is worth the investment. 1

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