Monitors reviews

  • LG Cinema 3D D2542P-PN

    LG Cinema 3D D2542P-PN

    CNET Rating6.5
    User Rating9.0

    LG's D2542P-PN is more suited to console playing and movie watching when in 3D mode, but as a straight monitor there's much better value to be had elsewhere. 2

  • Apple Thunderbolt Display

    Apple Thunderbolt Display

    CNET Rating8.0

    The lack of native PC support is still a disappointment. That said, the stellar performance and added connection features, including Ethernet and Thunderbolt, make it a powerful and functional monitor for users of Thunderbolt-enabled Macs.

  • BenQ XL2410T

    BenQ XL2410T

    CNET Rating8.5

    BenQ's XL2410T is excellent value, especially considering it runs at 120Hz. With silky smooth frame rates, low response time and guaranteed zero input lag, this is a great gaming monitor. If you're in a colour critical environment though, you should look elsewhere, preferably for something with an IPS screen. 1

  • Asus PA246

    Asus PA246

    CNET Rating8.0

    At AU$699, the PA246 offers great value. We're concerned, though, by the colour shift in the inversion pixel walk test in some colour presets.

  • Acer S273HL

    Acer S273HL

    CNET Rating6.5

    For AU$599, it's hard to be too unkind to the S273HL. Still, for a little more you could get the far superior U2711 — it all depends on your wallet.

  • Dell ST2220T

    Dell ST2220T

    CNET Rating7.0

    The ST2220T is certainly passable as a touchscreen monitor, with the IPS screen going a long way to increasing its appeal. Some poor design choices hold it back from greatness, though, and unless you have a burning desire for a touchscreen, you should be investing your money in a normal monitor.

  • BenQ BL2400PT

    BenQ BL2400PT

    CNET Rating8.0

    In the BenQ BL2400PT you get a VA-based monitor with a heck of a lot of vertical adjustability, deep blacks and a great warranty. 2

  • ViewSonic VX2739wm

    ViewSonic VX2739wm

    CNET Rating7.0

    At AU$599, the VX2739wm epitomises the "cheap and cheerful" category. It's definitely not a performance leader, but it does provide a huge, full HD monitor for an incredibly cheap price. We'd wager many people would be happy with that.

  • Dell UltraSharp U3011

    Dell UltraSharp U3011

    CNET Rating9.0
    User Rating5.0

    Dell's new 30-incher is amazing, delivering excellent performance and great colour control. The price will stop most though — this monitor is only for the truly serious. 14

  • Dell UltraSharp U2311H

    Dell UltraSharp U2311H

    CNET Rating8.0
    User Rating10.0

    Considering its price, no one has an excuse any more to buy a second-rate TN panel. While it hasn't been given the same attention to detail in colour accuracy as the 2209WA or the U2711, the U2311H makes for a compelling buy if you want affordable 1080p. 6

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