Monitor news

  • Samsung unveils largest flexible LCD

    Samsung Electronics has created a flexible LCD screen that measures seven inches diagonally, another technology that may one day be used in products such as e-books. 1

  • Consumers see red over dead pixels

    You've just blown $5,000 on a sexy new flat-panel TV, and it thinks there should be a little black pimple in the middle of Tom Cruise's face. 6

  • Dell launches LCD TV in Australia

    Dell Australia launches a 19-inch, wide-screen LCD TV that has an integrated tuner so you can watch TV while surfing the Internet, working on spreadsheer and sending e-mail. 1

  • HP unveils paper-thin flexible screen technology

    Digital paper, active displays on billboard sized posters, and digital photographs that can switch from scene to scene are all promised by a new HP technology.

  • Sharp monitor delivers 3D without glasses

    The Japanese firm has developed a monitor that gives images a 3D effect when viewed normally. 1

  • Secret to my excess: multimonitors and PCs

    Is it strange to want to have more than one monitor and one computer on your desk? It might be the way most of us will work some day soon. Here's why -- and how. 4

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