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  • Video archives: how the pros do it

    Video archives: how the pros do it

    Australian media preservation and digitisation company DAMsmart is responsible for processing thousands and thousands of hours of culturally significant footage. Here's a glimpse at some of the tech used behind the scenes at its Canberra office.

  • Top 10 tech myths busted (or not)

    Top 10 tech myths busted (or not)

    We take a look at 10 popular ideas about modern technology to find out whether they're good rules-of-thumb or just plain wishful thinking. 22

  • LaCie's key-shaped USB drives

    LaCie's key-shaped USB drives

    Storage maker LaCie has taken the term memory key to a new level with a range of USB flash drives that actually look like your average house key. 2

  • Photos: Storage for the home

    Storage companies are betting that a technology once reserved for businesses will appeal to consumers juggling many PCs and shared files.

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