Computex 2012: Sunix's ultimate Thunderbolt docking station

With Intel pushing for greater adoption of its Thunderbolt technology, especially for ultrabooks, it's no surprise that we've seen more Thunderbolt products at Computex this year.

We initially thought that this was just another media player or external storage drive.
(Credit: Vincent Chang/CNET)

Sunix's newly introduced Thunderbolt docking station appears to be the mother of all docks. It's impressive enough with four USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit LAN port, SPDIF and multi-format card reader, but the company has also added a slim-type Blu-ray writer and a 3.5-inch single-bay SATA 6Gbps HDD enclosure. The HDD bay supports hot-swapping, and it looks easy to remove the drive from the dock.

With two Thunderbolt ports, the dock enables the daisy-chaining of additional Thunderbolt devices, such as an external display. It's extremely useful for devices such as the MacBook Air and the upcoming ultrabooks, which have limited ports and connectors. Basically, the dock turns your ultraportable laptop into a desktop PC with a single Thunderbolt cable.

The only minor flaw is that it requires an external power source, though that shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience, since the dock is likely to stay on your desk.

According to the company, the dock includes driver support for both Windows and Mac operating systems. Sunix plans to launch the dock in Q4, though the company has not decided on the pricing yet.

Everything you need in a docking station.
(Credit: Vincent Chang/CNET)

Via CNET Asia

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