Conclusion: not Mac compatible

I had looked forward to the LG 25-inch Cinema 3D Monitor with such high hopes and I'm sorry to say it has been a big disappointment. I like LG; in fact, I have one of its Cinema 3D TV's, which I think is great: it plays well with everything I have connected to it and is easy to use.

The LG 25-inch Cinema 3D Monitor does not function well with a Mac — this is the biggest problem I have with the monitor. Why a major company would release a computer monitor and only provide Windows software and drivers is beyond me. A Mac would be a perfect match with a monitor like this, but without any driver or software support it is virtually useless for Mac users.

I doubt I would recommend this monitor to anyone, it is too expensive at an RRP of AU$500. It is also difficult to use because you have to continually mess with the buttons on the front to suit the 3D content you are consuming. The scarcity of 3D content is also an issue if you do not want to spend money on 3D movies, games etc. I think you would be better off buying a decent monitor rather than worry about 3D.


  • The monitor is passive 3D
  • The glasses and clip-on glasses provided are great
  • The monitor has a power-saving mode
  • The monitor is very light
  • Works with Xbox


  • Lack of Mac software and drivers
  • 3D difficult to manage via the buttons on the front of the monitor
  • The stand for the monitor makes it unstable
  • Lacks depth and clarity
  • Lack of 3D content

Comment from LG Australia: "Thank you so much for your review. We are glad you enjoyed your experience and hope you anticipate our 2012 products as much as we do."

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