Confused by Windows 8's new interface? Here's how to get around

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Windows 8, along with new laptops and tablets, will be available from Friday, 26 October.

While you can drop back to the Desktop app to get things mostly done as you always did, there's a good chance you'll find your first experience with the new, "don't-call-it-Metro" interface a little confusing, and Microsoft's first-run tutorial is hugely lacking.

Here are a few quick tips to help you feel a little more comfortable with Windows 8's new interaction paradigms, which will hopefully get you swiping with gusto in no time.

Want some Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts? CNET Australia's Joseph Hanlon has you covered here.

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ChrisM8 posted a comment   

Holy shti this is awful. I cant believe how useless this OS really is. "Why?" is my only question that keeps running through my head,


saalikr posted a comment   

GNOME 3ish....


DonaldC posted a reply   

And we love Gnome 3 right?
I'm feeling a lot better about Unity now

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