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Does your camera have HDMI output? Chances are, you can control it from the comfort of your couch, using the TV remote.

(Credit: CBSi)

While you may be familiar with plugging in an HDMI cable from your camera to a TV and then reviewing images on a big screen, you would still need to use the camera's physical controls to flick through photos and videos. But if your camera and TV are Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) compatible, then you can control the camera's playback functionality using a TV remote.

Check the documentation of your devices first to see if CEC is available. The connection process may vary between camera and TV brands, but here are the basic steps that should work in most scenarios.

(Credit: CBSi)

Step one: enable HDMI control

Within the camera menu, there should be an option that lets you switch on HDMI control. Find this option, and enable it.

Also ensure that the video system is set to the correct option for your region: NTSC or PAL.

Step two: connect the cable

(Credit: CBSi)

Your camera will have either a micro- or mini-HDMI port. You'll need to buy the appropriate cable in order to connect the camera to a TV. Unfortunately, manufacturers consider these cables as optional extras, rather than including them in the box.

With the camera switched off, connect the appropriate ends of the cable to the ports on the TV and camera.

Step three: start viewing

Once the cable is connected, turn on the camera and TV and then select the appropriate HDMI input source. Press the playback button on your camera, and you should now be able to see an image displayed on the TV. Using the remote's four-way directional pad and OK button, you can cycle back and forth through the images on your camera.

You can also use the OK or Select button on the remote to bring up any options that are available from the playback menu, such as viewing images in a grid, slideshow options or group playback.

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blaah posted a comment   
New Zealand

From the title, I was really hoping that this article would teach me how to hack a TV remote into a camera remote that allows me to use it as a remote shutter amongst other things, despite me already have spent money on one. A bit disappointed I must say :).

Nevertheless this article is interesting. I'll try this next time I connect my camera to the tv: I've always used my camera remote for flicking back and forth between photos, but if this works, then I can ditch my camera remote.


Lexy Savvides posted a reply   

Haha, something to add to my "to do" list then :)

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