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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Convert your cassettes to iPhone MP3s

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Not only does this device allow you to listen to cassettes on your iDevice, it also allows you to convert the music to MP3.

Do you have a bunch of cassettes languishing in a dusty box in your garage, suffering the exile of obsolescence? You can't get rid of them, because they're from a time when you'd stay up taping the J Files, or making mix tapes, or collecting all of your favourite cassette singles from the petrol station, or sticking a pencil in the holes to carefully wind up the crumpled tape after your tape player had an attack of the munchies ... but at the same time, they just can't compare now to streaming your music collection on shuffle over your surround-sound system.

The Cassette to iPod Converter is the saviour your youth needs. Compatible with most iPhones and iPod Touches, it allows you to plug in your device and use the free accompanying app to convert your tapes. You pop in your cassette, dock your iDevice and away you go — you can even scan backwards and forwards to select segments of the tape for conversion so that you don't end up with one massive sound file.

And to complete that retro feel, it even takes AA batteries. And looks like the chunky Walkmans that we all attached to our belts in the '80s. Now that's stylish.

The device will cost US$79.95 and should be available at the end of this month.

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nice story but where can you buy one?

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