Could Pacific Rim's Jaegers exist in the real world?

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Dave Everett has been building robots for over 40 years. We catch up and ask him: is the technology of Pacific Rim even plausible?

Here at CNET Australia, for all its flaws, we love Pacific Rim to bits. With the recent release of the film on Blu-ray — and our subsequent re-watching — we found ourselves wondering: just how far away are we from robotic exosuits that can do what the Jaegers can do? Or a brain-computer interface like the drift?

Dave Everett of the Sydney Robot Workshop has worked in robotics for decades, including serious projects in collaboration with universities and research labs, as well as props for movies and favourite film robots that visit conventions and children's hospitals. We met up with him to talk about the robots of Pacific Rim and take a brief tour of his own work.

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