Hawaii, United States

CNET Staff

Title: Fire Dancer

Photographer: Ben Gibbons

Date taken: January 2010

Location: Maui, Hawaii, United States of America

Behind the scenes: At a Hawaiian Luau, featuring all Polynesian cultures, one of the best performances was by the fire dancers. The main attraction was this man, whose size belied his dexterity and nimbleness with the fire stick.

I like the angle of the shot, how the fire dances across the shot and lights his features, while he himself shows a nonchalance to the presence of the fire.

Camera used: Canon EOS 400D

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Queensland, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Fish

Photographer: Alex Sheath

Date taken: January 2012

Location: Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Behind the scenes: I'd never used a camera underwater before, and I was nervous turning it on for the first time in case I broke it. However, once up and running, being able to take pics was great, and some of the fish allowed me to get right up close. This pic really encapsulates the experience for me.

Camera used: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT3

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NSW, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: A Date With A View

Photographer: Vincent Law

Date taken: January 2012

Location: Coogee Beach, NSW, Australia

Behind the scenes: I was walking along the Coogee Beach cliff tops and happened upon this couple drinking in the amazing view. Obviously, I had to capture such a picturesque moment!

Camera used: Sony NEX-C3

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White Desert, Egypt

CNET Staff

Title: Sunrise in the White Desert, Egypt

Photographer: Jude Sumption

Date taken: 13 January 2011

Location: White Desert, between Farafra and Bahariya Oases, Egypt

Behind the scenes: This picture gives me a feeling of peace and I love the colours in it. We'd just spent the night camped out in the open under the most amazing stars and got up to watch the sun rise. It was incredibly quiet: there were no insects, birds, trees or other people around to make a sound. As it got light the rocks (which were dazzling white the previous day) became a delicate rose pink and the sky went lilac.

Camera used: Canon PowerShot G9

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Bali, Indonesia

CNET Staff

Title: Those Crafty Asians

Photographer: Ed Tran

Date taken: March 2011

Location: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Behind the scenes: On first impressions, Bali is not a particularly picturesque place. Gaudy mansion resorts, dirty beaches and a loud hawker for each loud Australian. But travel inland and you find some pretty amazing forests, mountains and some mind-blowing rural majesty. I can hardly even make out the tourists.

Camera used: Nikon D7

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NSW, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Rainbow Junk

Photographer: Greg Tilney

Date taken: Late 2009

Location: Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Behind the scenes: Whenever I had a big uni assignment due I would always procrastinate by walking around the streets of Newtown taking photos. On this particular day I decided I just wanted to take bright colours, because a lot of my photos up until this point were black and white (I mean, everything looks better in black and white, right?).

I remember walking past beige terrace after beige terrace and being totally uninspired by the dullness and the lack of colour. But then I stumbled upon a slightly rundown terrace that had some junk sitting out the front ready for a council pick up (I know, poetic right?). I spotted a colourful child's chair sitting beside the front door and thought it was the most beautifully clean and lively part of the house, so I snapped a pic.

Camera used: Fujifilm FinePix S7000

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Victoria, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Port Melbourne Pier

Photographer: Corey Wright

Date taken: April 2008

Location: Port Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Behind the scenes: I'd been waiting for a decent sunset for weeks and noticed the colour of the sky on this particular day was rather strange, so I headed to the pier to prepare to capture the sunset

Camera used: Canon EOS 40D and 16-35mm lens

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NSW, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Brightly Lit

Photographer: Arni

Date taken: June 2011

Location: Circular Quay, Sydney

Behind the scenes: This was minutes before the lights were turned on for Sydney Vivid Festival 2011.

Camera used: Nikon D3000

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Nha Trang, Vietnam

CNET Staff

Title: Childhood Memories

Photographer: Chuong Vu

Date taken: June 2009

Location: Nha Trang, Vietnam

Behind the scenes: On our way to Nha Tran we made a pit stop at a nearby beach. Here I spotted a few local kids playing near a round basket boat. They were very friendly and happy to let me take a few snaps. I took the opportunity and shot them against the cloudy sky in the background. The moody clouds made these photos more dramatic. They were very comfortable being in front of the camera and playful at the same time. In some ways they remind me of my childhood. Every time I look at this photo I could remember the fun times that I had with my family when we were refugees.

Camera used: Canon 40D with a 70-300mm lens

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Northern Territory, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Sunset

Photographer: Jonny

Date taken: September 2010

Location: Northern Territory, Australia. On Mindil Beach, Darwin, just next to where they hold the markets.

Behind the scenes: Sitting back on the beach watching the sunset after munching on a massive burrito from the Mindil Beach Markets.

Phone used: Nokia E72

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