California, United States

CNET Staff

Title: Big Sur #3

Photographer: Tom Kelly

Date taken: July 2011

Location: Big Sur, California, USA

Behind the scenes: Wildflowers were in bloom this summer's day.

Camera used: Canon 7D Digital SLR

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

CNET Staff

Title: Fountain of Youth

Photographer: Rob Snelling

Date taken: December 2010

Location: Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Behind the scenes: This picture reminds me of the kind of childhoods different people have from different backgrounds — what different cultures define as entertainment.

Camera used: Sony DSC-HX5V

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New South Wales, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: La Perouse Watchtower

Photographer: William Winkyi

Date taken: October 2011

Location: La Perouse Bare Island, Botany Bay, NSW, Australia

Behind the scenes: It is a fabulous, pleasant scenery to visit and has a great historical place regarding World War 2 and the great explorer, Monsieur De La Perouse himself. The picture is of the watchtower, which is built upon the highland close to La Perouse's Bare Island.

Camera used: Sony DSC-HX5V

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California, United States

CNET Staff

Title: Henry Coe National Park

Photographer: Mike Landes

Date taken: September 2011

Location: Henry Coe National Park, California, USA

Behind the scenes: While driving back down from Henry Coe National Park I saw the sun setting and told myself "This will be a great picture to take". I pulled over and took the picture (using the polariser filter on my 50mm lens). When I got home and looked at the picture it was breathtaking.

Camera used: Canon Rebel TSI

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Tokyo, Japan

CNET Staff

Title: Japanese Fish

Photographer: Rob Snelling

Date taken: October 2009

Location: Japanese Fish Markets, Tokyo, Japan

Behind the scenes: Getting up at 4am on a cold, rainy morning in Tokyo was a challenge, but the rewards far outweighed the sacrifices.

Camera used: Sony DSC-W1

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Victoria, Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Beechworth Hospital

Photographer: Barb Gannon

Date taken: August 2011

Location: Beechworth, Victoria, Australia

Behind the scenes: Hubby and I spent the weekend in Beechworth, a former gold mining town in North East Victoria, steeped in beautiful architecture. It has the best cycling tracks. After a long day riding to Myrtleford (90km) on the Rail Trail, I dragged hubby around the town at sunset desperately looking for something to snap. We stumbled upon the hospital (which is only this gorgeous facade). It was demolished in 1940 to make way for a new one. As they were short on building materials when building the new one, they pillaged from the old one.

The Canon 7D handled beautifully in the really low light, bumping the EV up helped. The colours are as seen; I just love this sunset orangey purple. The pic looks likes a CD cover for a horror movie or paperback novel, really eerie.

Camera used: Canon EOS 7D

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Bishan, Singapore

CNET Staff

Title: Under the blue

Photographer: Under the blue

Date taken: August 2011

Location: Bishan Park, Singapore

Behind the scenes: Great skyline and sunshine. I saw this couple so consumed in their conversation.

Phone used: HTC Desire HD

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Bern, Switzerland

CNET Staff

Title: Experience Zero Gravity

Photographer: Chas Mackinnon

Date taken: July 2011

Location: Bern, Switzerland

Behind the scenes: The second chapter of one of the most successful skydive videos of 2011.

To see more photos from Chas Mackinnon, click here.

Camera used: GoPro HD Camera

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Milford Sound, New Zealand

CNET Staff

Title: Milford Sound at Dawn

Photographer: Anthony

Date taken: February 2011

Location: Milford Sound, Southland, New Zealand

Behind the scenes: 6.00am cruising into Milford Sound. It felt eerie before the sun came up and there was a bluish tinge to the fog.

Camera used: Olympus C-770

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Lucerne, Switzerland

CNET Staff

Title: Chapel Klimsenhorn, Mt Pilatus

Photographer: Anura Samara

Date taken: August 2011

Location: Mt Pilatus, Lucerne, Switzerland

Behind the scenes: I'm lucky enough to be in Switzerland for five months.

Last weekend, I took a trip to see Mt Pilatus, which rises to over 2100m above Luzern.

There is a small chapel built on a narrow spur near the top of the mountain, so I decided to walk down to have a look. It's perched precariously on the edge of a cliff, so I decided not to walk all of the way around.

I started listening to the latest CNET podcast on the way back up, and literally finished it on the last step at the top!

Camera used: Canon EOS 550D

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