New York, United States

CNET Staff

Title: Concrete Glacier

Photographer: Tom Champion

Date taken: January 2010

Location: New York, United States

Behind the scenes: New York in winter is so atmospheric. It can be unbearable in the icy wind with frozen skyscrapers standing over you, but it's also very beautiful.

Camera used: Canon EOS 450D

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Davenport, Western Australia

CNET Staff

Title: Sunburnt Country

Photographer: Marta Jaszberenyi

Date taken: February 2007

Location: Davenport, Western Australia

Behind the scenes: The colours are overwhelming in the desert, like someone turned the contrast to max, and I wanted to try and capture what I could on film.

Camera used: Canon IXUS 700

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Long Beach, California

CNET Staff

Title: Queen Mary & Skorpion at sunset

Photographer: Phillip Massaad

Date taken: July 2010

Location: Long Beach, California

Behind the scenes: I took this photo while staying aboard the Queen Mary and thought it would be a great opportunity to photograph two maritime icons in the twilight of their careers. I especially like this shot because it evokes the romance of the sea, be it through the child-like desire to play war games on the submarine or to enjoy the timeless elegance of an era long gone aboard a traditional ocean liner.

Camera used: Olympus E-30


Waiheke Island, New Zealand

CNET Staff

Title: Outlook is clear

Photographer: Alex Sheath

Date taken: October 2007

Location: Waiheke Island, New Zealand

Behind the scenes: My wife, Laura, and I stayed here just before we moved to Australia. For me, this place summed up everything that's great about NZ. I mean, just look at that scenery. I wanted to capture the relaxing feeling of just sitting around with amazing views!

Camera used: Canon IXUS 220 HS

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Cape Town, South Africa

CNET Staff

Title: Table Mountain, Cape Town

Photographer: Brian Haverty

Date taken: December 2007

Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Behind the scenes: Aside from the fact that the views from Table Mountain over the "Lion's Head" and Robben Island are stunning, I liked the strong feeling of depth in this photo.

Camera used: Nikon F50, film camera, FujiFilm 200, scanned

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Manarola, Italy

CNET Staff

Title: Lovers Walk

Photographer: Melissa Lane

Date taken: July 2009

Location: Manarola (Cinque Terre), Italy

Behind the scenes: Quite possibly the most picture-perfect destination I have ever been to — Via dell'Amore (or "Lovers Walk") was breathtaking! Gelato (lemon, of course!) in one hand and camera in the other — this photo captured the energy and emotion that beamed from every single person who walked along the pathway.

Camera used: Canon IXUS 80

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Hiroshima, Japan

CNET Staff

Title: Itsukushima Shrine

Photographer: Chuong Vu

Date taken: May 2008

Location: Miyajima Town, Hiroshima, Japan

Behind the scenes: Once the tide started rolling in we went and sat along the shore to watch the sunset. The afternoon sky was all orange/yellow and we could see the sun setting behind those mountains in the distance. I like how this photo gives me a peaceful feeling each time I look at it and reminds me of a landscape painting.

Camera used: Canon EOS 40D with a 17-40mm L lens

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Sossusvlei, Namibia

CNET Staff

Title: My temporary backyard

Photographer: Irene Mickaiel

Date taken: 15 April 2011

Location: Sossusvlei, Namibia

Behind the scenes: The sun was setting when it cast this beautiful glow over the landscape making it appear very picturesque.

Camera used: Canon EOS 450D



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