Create and share your playlists in iTunes

Are you the type of person that enjoys sharing your most recent musical finds with your friends and co-workers? iTunes makes it easy to create and share your favourite tunes with anyone who's using the same local network as you. Here's a quick tutorial on setting up and sharing a playlist in iTunes.

Step One
Open iTunes. Select New Playlist under the FILE tab.

Share playlists

Step Two
Create a name for your new playlist. Add songs to it by holding down the SHIFT key, clicking on the songs you want to add, and dragging these songs to your new playlist.

Share playlists

Step Three
Select PREFERENCES under the iTunes tab.

Share playlists

Step Four
Click on the Sharing icon and create a name for your Shared Library. Then click on the box next to 'Share my library on my local network.'

Share playlists

Step Five
Click 'Share Selected Playlist', and click on the box next to the playlist you have created. Click OK and you're done. Now your playlist is available to other iTunes users on your network!

Share playlists

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kilik98 posted a comment   

that's was a great help. your information is really awesome.


Suzy posted a comment   

Hey thanx a lot I've been trying to figure it out all day :D


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That's great!!

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