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The thumb drive look: cute or Dag Central?

Thought USB thumb drive MP3 players were on their way out? Think again. Creative has released the MuVo T200, a 4GB model that harks back to the days of the original iPod Shuffle.

Much like the Samsung YP-U3 and Sony's NW-E003, the T200 is a rectangular player equipped with USB connector and FM radio, and comes swathed in pastel hues. The circular navigation-button layout brings back fond memories of Apple's first Shuffle.

The main feature of note is the display: Creative has whacked a colour LCD onto its device to trump the blue OLED versions found on Sony and Samsung's players. Another advantage over the Sony player is the lack of SonicStage music management software to wrestle with -- this nefarious app brought tech reviewers to tears until its recent abolition.

Voice recording and a nine-hour battery life round out the features list of the T200, which debuts this month for AU$149.95.

It sounds like a decent basic player, and it's convenient to be able to ditch the USB cable for charging and synching, but is the thumb drive look getting too daggy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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jhay_philippines posted a comment   

my battery is not charging anymore...
how can i change the battery of my muvot200


tanattinus posted a comment   

how do you charge it if you dont have a pc?


lawyergirl posted a comment   

the muvo is awsome. i never fell in love w/ my ipod but still love my muvos, i think i've had every generation of muvo and when they outlast their usefulness as an mp3 player they double as a usb key for data.


Mundimon posted a comment   


I like it's look, plain and simple to use.


Daggy Dave posted a comment   

No, u do


fatty_girl posted a comment   

u look daggy

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