Creative's drastic price drop on unreleased MP3

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The player hasn't even started shipping yet, but Creative has already dropped the price on its newest flagship, the Creative X-Fi2.

The soon-to-be released 32GB player's price has been "newly adjusted", dropping almost 50 dollars today from AU$318 to AU$272, while the 16GB model is now just under AU$200.

Why would it do this? Well, Apple announced its new range of iPods only last week, and it seems like Creative is attempting to compete on price rather than features.

But it's not like the Creative doesn't have them, in fact the X-Fi2 has several much needed features that were missing from the first player. For a start it's now fully touch-operated, which means it should be easier to use than the old nine "mystery buttons". Secondly, it now supports lossless files in the form of FLAC, and thirdly it also supports expandable storage via micro SD.

What has Creative so scared? We think it's the new Apple iPod nano which now shoots video and can pause and rewind analog radio. By contrast, Apple's 8GB player is the same price as the 16GB X-Fi2 at AU$199, and the 16GB Nano is AU$249. If you're looking for a 32GB player you have to trade up to an iPod touch at AU$399.

The Creative Zen X-Fi2 ships in Australia from 23 September, 2009.

The touch-screen Creative Zen X-Fi2 features FM radio and FLAC support.(Credit: Creative)

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modulo07 posted a comment   

Creative is the best company
in sound sistem that Ipod
and is the best


Renne posted a comment   

I tried this player at friend's and bought it next day, straight away. The reason - sound quality. It is by far the best player I ever had. With other ipods I had, some details were always lost, especially percussive sounds. But this zen handles them very well, and it maintains the original dynamics and solid bass levels without distorting the volume. When buying I did not even realize it supports FLAC, it does! But even with mp3 that account for about 90% of my collection the sound is magnificent.


johnny posted a comment   

It wasn't, dont judge if u don't know, i have an ipod 80gb video and i need something to replace it, and this looks good ofr the price and if u don't like tuch screen buy the old one, which is on sale at the creative store(i know this cuz i did my research)


Benny posted a comment   

Why the chrome bezel? I know that imitation is supposed to be a form of flattery, but is there no way to make a stylish-looking device that doesn't mimic Apple's flagship product so closely?


TomP1 posted a comment   

I do like the creative music players, but touchscreen devices require you look at them to operate, which is an instant fail for me. Also, I'm pretty sure the two previous comments were written by creative :p


Jackii posted a comment   

When is this getting released in Aus?
Was about to get a Nano to but this beats it!


Johnny posted a comment   

Forget the nano,im so getting this!

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