Crowdsourced Map Share corrections now on TomTom for iPhone

The latest version (1.6) of TomTom's navigation app for the iPhone gains the crowdsourced map correction tool that's been available on TomTom's line of standalone GPS devices for some time now.

TomTom Map Share update

(Credit: CNET Australia)

Map Share, as the service is called, is a free, user-generated maps correction engine that lets you make small edits to your locally stored maps with the touch of a few buttons from within the TomTom app. Possible changes include edits to street names or posted speed limits, changing the direction of traffic on, for example, a one-way street, modifying turn restrictions at an intersection, adding or editing missing or incorrect points of interest and simply blocking or unblocking a street or bridge that has been closed or recently re-opened.

These changes are uploaded to TomTom's servers, merged with the Map Share data of other TomTom app and GPS device users, vetted by TomTom and redistributed to TomTom's user base, free of charge. Of course, these user tweaks and changes aren't meant to replace quarterly map updates. Rather, Map Share serves as a supplement.

Current users of the TomTom app can grab the free update in the iTunes App Store. New users will have to pay AU$80 for a version of the TomTom app for with maps of either Australia or New Zealand.


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premacy2003 posted a comment   

I was quick to critic Tom Tom due to the lack of availability of car docks and lack of software features. However Tom Tom has resolved both issues and now Tom Tom is getting closer to become a near perfect alternative to a proper GPS. Keep the upgrades and improvements coming. Thank you


Yusuf Islam posted a comment   

When is tomtom for iphone ever going to include School Zones?

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