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At Photokina 2012, we met up with the folks from Rudiger Maerz GmbH to find out more about the special SLR customisation service they recently started offering to consumers.

(Credit: Shawn Low/CNET Asia)

Using the same airbrush techniques employed by the automotive industry, the company completely disassembles your camera and coats each part individually. Inscriptions and buttons, however, are usually left intact, so you still know your way around when adjusting camera settings.

(Credit: Shawn Low/CNET Asia)

Beyond cosmetic enhancements, the biggest draw of the SLR customisation service has got to be the ability to choose between different lens mounts. You can even opt to remove your SLR's entire shutter mechanism.

The SLR featured in the video below shows a camera that has been stripped of its mirror mechanism and optical viewfinder, and comes with a PL mount for shooting with cine lenses.

If the service piques your interest, do factor in waiting time, as a company representative said it takes anywhere from four weeks (minimum), and is about €500 to €700 (about AU$620 to $870) to modify an entry-level or mid-range SLR.

Pimp your dSLR with custom modifications from Cnetasia2 on Vimeo.

Via CNET Asia

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