D-Link DSL-G604T

D-Link's DSL-G604T is a ADSL2/2+ modem router with some serious stability issues. Read our Australian review.

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What can we say about the DSL-G604T's design that we haven't said about every other router we've reviewed this year? Well, as it happens, it does have some redeeming visual features that mark it out from the pack. But first, the dull stuff. One side, you'll find little blinky lights -- lots of them, indicating network activity, DSL status and power. On the reverse side, ports -- five of them, one for your ADSL connection, and four very standard, very boring 10/100 Ethernet ports, as well as a standard antenna screw, which just so happens to fit the semi-flexible antenna you'll find in the DSL-G604T's box. What a wacky coincidental world we live in.

So what makes the DSL-G604T stand out if it's such an ordinary feature-set modem? It's the fact that it's been pretty obviously designed for vertical positioning. To that end, rather than a Playstation 2-esque socket style stand, the DSL-G604T instead comes with two holding clips that attach to the cut-in grooves that run along the top and bottom sides of the router.

The DSL-G604T is an ADSL2/2+ modem, router and firewall, with support for 802.11g networking, and therefore 802.11b backwards compatibility as well. On the wireless security front, it has support for WEP (64, 128 and 256bit), WPA, WPA-PSK, but no WPA2 support. On the wired connectivity front, it comes with four 10/100 wired Ethernet ports, which is absolutely, resolutely stock standard for just about every router you're currently likely to buy.

Installation of the DSL-G604T is performed purely via the unit's web interface, with a small bit of help from the slender Quick Installation Guide. A provided CD gives you the obligatory PDF manual and another copy of the same Quick Install Guide, just in case you lose the paper version. The Web interface includes a fairly user-friendly installation Wizard, although we did hit some quirks using it under Firefox 1.5, as some of the pop-up dialogue boxes failed to appear; Internet Explorer didn't share this issue.

We also hit one quirk with the install wizard that concerned us a touch more. While configuring the router via the wizard wirelessly, it gave us no option to enable wireless security in the first instance, although the diagram in the Quick Installation Guide suggested it should be there. If you can handle Web router interfaces it's a fairly trivial matter to correct, and it's definitely worthwhile remembering to enable wireless security, even if it's only to stop opportunists leeching off your broadband connection.

We initially hit some stability problems with the DSL-G604T, including some self-initiated reboots that tended to wipe the unit's memory -- annoyingly on one occasion it lost its security settings but remembered our ISP ones, opening itself up to the wider world. A quick trip to D-Link's local Web Site revealed an available firmware upgrade -- we moved from the v2.00B03.AU firmware to the v2.00B06.AU firmware -- but even this didn't resolve all of our connection issues. We're well used to consumer-level routers being less robust than their enterprise counterparts, but the DSL-G604T sat on the poor side of the fence when it came to overall stability. Hopefully future firmware upgrades will improve this.

We're seeing plenty of ADSL2/2+ modem routers aimed at the home/small office market here at CNET.com.au, and essentially speaking, the DSL-G604T is just another one. That's not a bad thing per se, and once we'd ironed out our firmware issues we were largely happy with the DSL-G604T's performance; at the very least another ADSL2/2+ product on the market should keep up the pressure to lower prices on all products.

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GayleR posted a comment   

I had this running in my share house for 2years and never had any problems!!!


Perter posted a comment   

there are hundreds of cheaper router selling at A$20 and better performance than this one. are you nuts, paying $199 for ****


"Great modem router"

csajjj posted a review   

The Good:Reliable connection

The Bad:Not much

Borrowed a friends DSL-G604T for over a year now and I am quite happy with it. I found it quite stable but wished its range was slightly better. Although, I only seem to have this problem with my laptop and no other devices. My friend needs it back now so I'm going to buy the same model for myself. That shows how satisfied I am with it. Issues others may have with it don't seem to be a problem, this may be a result of it having the latest firmware.


yahgiggle posted a comment   
New Zealand

ok ive now added a fan to my modem ill let you guys know how it went the modems been playing up heeps latey so this will be a good test


yahgiggle posted a comment   
New Zealand

i have the same modem and im starting to think the problems are with over heating but would like everyones input with what ive found or think. what ive found is most the time my modem works fine but as soon as we have a hot day i start getting problems frist the wireless stops but the modem is stall connected to adsl and my main server is hard wired works fine 5 to ten minits later the hard wired server then stops connecting to the internet you can stall get into the modem with but you only have a small window then you cant even do that so i then goto the modem, and it feels realy hot i unplug it for 2 or 3 minits then back in and it goes fine, i think if it was a isp problem the adsl would just stop but thats not my problem its that bit by bit the whole modem fails the adsl light says on the whole time. ive had the modem for about 4 years so ive been happy most the time with it this problem is random and sometimes the modem goes for months with out any problems over the years i have had other problems when the adsl light drops off that turned out to be a cable that had no plastic around the copper and was shorting out at the plimf im thinking with the age of the modem i might pall the thing apart and install a heat sink onto the cpu


mandrake64 posted a comment   

I've had one reliably working for about 4 years on ADSL (with one of those years having about 5 laptops and a PS3 connected most of the time) and will be updating the firmware tomorrow to run ADSL2. Maybe this will make a reliable unit unreliable like everyone seems to be indicating in their comments.
Incidently, my original Telstra supplied ADSL modem only lasted a year before it died.

John Smith

John Smith posted a review   

The Good:The sound its going to make when I run it over

The Bad:Drastically unstable

Save your time and buy another brand


Rgee posted a comment   

Great Modem-Router never had a problem since new, bought it off eBay a few years ago and it has worked straight out of the box. It has never let me down, now saying that, the only problems I have had is because of my own lack of knowledge and that is not the modems fault.


astro posted a comment   

The Good:no connection issues for 2 years

The Bad:constantly drops out every few hours

worked fine for 2 years n now i get constant dropouts every few hours.. also sucks if u have 2 xbox's, never get open NAT on both xbox's


DLYNX posted a comment   

can always use 2 desktops wirelessly using the G604T,but connection drops out whenever my daughter tries to log on to her applemac -WPA security is on all three computers.However,if the applemac is logged on first followed by the other 2 desktops,all three have wireless connectivity!!Any helpful comments??

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User Reviews / Comments  D-Link DSL-G604T

  • GayleR


    "I had this running in my share house for 2years and never had any problems!!!"

  • Perter


    "there are hundreds of cheaper router selling at A$20 and better performance than this one. are you nuts, paying $199 for **** "

  • csajjj



    "Borrowed a friends DSL-G604T for over a year now and I am quite happy with it. I found it quite stable but wished its range was slightly better. Although, I only seem to have this problem with my l..."

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