Dead Rising 3 shows off gameplay with choose-your-own-adventure trailer

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Xbox One launch title Dead Rising 3 is ratcheting up the excitement with an interactive gameplay trailer that lets you choose the action.

(Credit: Capcom/Microsoft)

Capcom's delightfully bloody Dead Rising franchise is getting its third iteration as an Xbox One launch exclusive, and it's simultaneously darker, bloodier and sillier than its predecessors all at once.

Microsoft has just launched a new trailer for the game — or rather a new series of trailers. Called "Find your path to the After Party", it makes use of dozens of YouTube videos to show off gameplay features, with the viewer tasked with getting protagonist Nick Ramos through hundreds of zombies by choosing the next action.

It's an excellent showcase for the game's features — aside from some tremendously gory hack-n-slash (or run-n-gun or drive-n... survive? Yeah, that doesn't really work). The crafting system from Dead Rising 2 has received an overhaul, allowing you to mash items together on the fly to create some truly outrageous weapons, and you can modify vehicles to create zombie-ploughing death machines.

Another notable gameplay feature not shown in the videos is that there's no longer a timer unless you choose to play Nightmare Mode, and you can save at any point in the game.

We managed to kill Ramos after 14 videos. Let us know how far you can get.

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