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DealFox — a bargain site with a similar modus operandi to Catch of the Day — is going cheaper than even Kogan with Kogan TVs.

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Commencing at 12.00pm on 5 June, DealFox will be selling Kogan television sets with a standard warranty at a heavily discounted rate for 24 hours — or until stock runs out.

The Kogan 42" full HD LED TV with PVR, with a recommended retail price of AU$469 (currently at a pre-stock price of AU$407.50 at the time of writing) is being offered by DealFox for just AU$299 — and DealFox's manager Simone Busch assured CNET Australia that the TVs are in stock and ready for shipping.

The deal is kicking off DealFox's "Fox Hunt" sales, wherein every day, DealFox will offer 24-hour deals on products such as Bose, Kodak and Apple, as well as "Fox Frenzy" sales that will occur every two hours. It should be noted that all deals are for subscribers only.

Busch said in a press release, "At, we pride ourselves on outfoxing other online retailers. We figure Kogan must have a great sense of humour to take the mickey out of the likes of Harvey Norman and JB Hi-Fi, so we thought he wouldn't mind us stealing some of his thunder."

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funnyas posted a comment   

Dealfox is closing up on June 30th according to the ASX release. So they are selling stock that will have no warranty. Well done Cellnet. Well done CEO Stuart Smith. They wasted $1.5 million on an online business that they know nothing about.


JohnnyR1 posted a comment   

What a joke. First this company sells Dr Dre Beats FAKES (see here: and now they buy *TWO* Television units from Kogan directly (my friend works in dispatch there) and burn a few hundred dollars on 2 units to look like heroes. The 2 units sold in minutes, ask around you'll find no one (expect 2 lucky people) got these.

Dealfox are owned by Cellnet, but is run directly by bait and switch and dishonest scammers. They've sold fake items on a regular basis. Buyer beware.

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