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Thanks for the memories  July 26, 2012

Death Star wall tiles show home decor's dark side

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(Credit: Tom Spina Designs)

Created for an uber-luxe home theatre project, these custom Death Star-themed wall tiles are the decor we've been looking for.

Why would you ever want to clad your kitchen or bathroom in anything else if you could have the Death Star available? Unfortunately, they aren't — but we can still imagine.

These wall tiles were actually created for one of those jaw-dropping themed cinema projects. This one, of course (in case you hadn't guessed) was themed after a space ship, and features red LED wall panels, suitably evil-long chairs — and relief tiles created by Tom Spina Designs, a company that specialises in custom themed sculpture, furniture and props.

The company proposed the tiles as a means of subtly introducing a fan element into the wainscot. "These would give a sense of 'tech' to the decor and, while recognisable to the avid fan, they would not be an over the top, obvious themed element," the company wrote. "The end result blends wonderfully, with our pieces being a subtle accent, just one part of a large and awe-inspiring themed home theatre."

The team created 14 master tiles at 12 inches square (30.48 centimetres) and with a depth ranging between three to four inches (7.62 to 10.16 centimetres). These tiles were cast in tinted resin, and details were painted in to add a sense of variation. In total, 120 tiles were made. Tom Spina Designs made no mention of how much the client spent, but we're willing to bet it was a pretty penny.

Tom Spina Designs also created some custom mannequins for Star Wars replica costumes belonging to the client, but alas, we could find no further details about the project.

We feel, however, that the tiles are little lost in the darkness of a home cinema. They'd look much better decorating our kitchens. Dibs on not cleaning them, though.


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