Dell ditching Android mobile strategy

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Dell has put its smartphone ambitions into reverse, announcing that it will not make new Android products and that its tablets will all run on Windows 8 from here on.

Speaking at Dell World in Austin, Texas, and as reported by Forbes, Dell's vice chairman and president, Jeff Clarke, confirmed that there will be no new Dell Android devices. He said that the company could not figure out a way to build a business around Google's OS, and cited companies like Amazon who undercut hardware vendors in retail pricing in order to sell digital content.

China had been the final foothold for Dell's smartphone play, but this announcement has put an end to this as well.

The absence of Dell in Australian phone stores is unlikely to be felt by Aussie smartphone and tablet shoppers. Of the dozen or so Dell handsets developed by the computer hardware company, only the Streak tablet ever really made it onto a telco's range; it launched with Optus well after its initial global introduction.

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AlanO2 posted a comment   
United Kingdom

And it was pure junk. Dell make great laptops - robust - thoughtful - but the Dell mindset never extended to a decent mobile device. Stick to lazy corporates with big budgets, Michael, and leave the atractive stuff to innovators in Korea and the rest of Asia.


CharlieH posted a comment   

"The company could not figure out a way to build a business around Google's OS" - how inspiring, obviously don't think they can compete with the rest.


eDDie posted a comment   

I really loved the Dell Venue Pro, well, I never and would never buy one, but the look of it is amazing. I love that slide out keyboard.
If it had a bigger screen, slimmer and lighter design and Windows 8? I think it would sell if it had the same vibrant colour options as the Nokia lumia series, or had a black and white option to give it a modern luxury edge.
Ugh so we can dream!


trebor83 posted a reply   

So you mean it would have been good if it was better in every imaginable way? Good call


Rolloxan posted a comment   

Dell had a mobile strategy?

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