Dell Streak gets Australian release, pricing

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Dell has announced a local release date and pricing for its 5-inch, Android-based Streak, the device that sits on the border of tablets and smartphones.

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A three-month exclusive with Optus has been struck, with the telco offering the Dell handset from 1 October for free on its AU$59 plan, with the user locked into a 24-month contract. The handset will also be available on Optus' AU$79 cap and AU$99 Timeless plans, as well as its AU$49 cap plan with an additional handset fee of AU$7 a month.

Dell says the device will sell for AU$649 stand-alone, and appears to be more serious about the tablet side than the phone — it plans to release a 7-inch version and a 10-inch version is rumoured to be coming next year.

The tablet features a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 5MP camera with dual-LED flash, 2GB internal memory and will be sold with a 16GB microSD card. At this stage it is understood that the Streak still runs Android 1.6, although we are confirming with Dell if this will be updated to 2.2 in time for the Australian launch.

Update: Dell has confirmed that the Streak will be released on Android 1.6 in Australia, but has asserted that it is "designed to support future platform upgrades and we'll have more information about the update soon".

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JP posted a comment   

I saw one at an eduacation expo a couple of weeks ago. The Dell guy was using it as a phone. The screen looks awesome. Come on Santa..


andrew1953 posted a comment   

why the hl do we get a streak with a 1.6 litre when they have a 2-2 litre that supports Flash.I would refuse to get one on principal until they give Aussies the real deal


andrew posted a comment   

Look in T3 Uk mag and the streak is out with android 2.2 which supports Flash.Don't they think the colonials can handle the extra power ?


PetesBodyParts posted a reply   

Actually, US Streaks are running 1.6 and O2 Streaks (UK) are running 2.1. 2.2 is NOT available from any telco right now.


So Confusion posted a comment   

When they say unlocked, does it mean carrier unlocked and unbranded or do we have to pay to unlock for use with another carrier?

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