Dell UltraSharp U2713HM

Dell's UltraSharp U2713HM does come in cheaper than Samsung's S27A850T, and offers USB 3.0 as well. It is quite power hungry, though, and a faint "criss-cross" pattern on light screens may irritate some. Ultimately, its biggest competitor is the monitor that came before it: the U2711.

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  • JacobC1


    "Service menu might not contain interesting stuff, but when started in stis mode color temp presets apears in the regular menu under presets!"

  • shaunm1967



    Can't choose between the U2711, U2713 or U3011....

    My criteria is best display for photo editing and then watching HD movies...

    Dell is preferential due t..."

  • DarrenP2



    How about telling us which is better, the U2713 or U2711?

    I'd like to buy a monitor and it's between these two.

    All I care about is the image quality.

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