Dell XPS 12 (2013)

This convertible ultrabook combines the power of Haswell with a unique folding screen to deliver something quite out of the ordinary.

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User Reviews / Comments  Dell XPS 12 (2013)

  • LynneE1



    "Purchased from the Dell Factory Outlet I7 8 gig ram 256 ssd for about half price and I LOVE it.

    After using this for over 12 months I can honestly say the touch screen has never misse..."

  • PaulW5


    "Terrible wifi, touch screen stops working now and then and you have to reboot. I just use mine like a laptop now."

  • dropbear11


    "I wonder how to achieve the 2878 points with PCMark 8 - I only get 2166 (i7, 4500U...) .... do I press wrong button? ... otherwise it's a great little tool ... keyboard is great and battery run tim..."

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