Desktops aren't dead yet, says HP

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When questioned about HP's new focus on tablet devices, company CEO Meg Whitman made sure to point to its extensive commercial desktop PC line-up.

(Credit: HP)

In an interview with CNBC, HP CEO Meg Whitman has reflected on the challenges that exist with an increasingly spread out and competitive computing market. HP's advantage, she said, lies in the fact that the company delivers devices to everyone from the most basic consumer to the most demanding enterprise. She also pointed to future devices that bring together modern and traditional computing.

"In the commercial business, we've got a tremendously strong line-up because we can go all the way from virtual desktop to workstations to desktops... by the way, desktops are not dead... to laptops to hybrids to tablets for the commercial enterprise," Whitman told CNBC.

HP recently updated its desktop line-up with some new models, including 11 all-in-ones and towers bundled with a keyboard that includes an integrated Leap Motion gesture controller.

The mass market, though, is challenging, with consumers wanting the most power and innovative features for the lowest possible price. "So we're going to be careful about where we play and how we're going to win because there's no point in not making money," Whitman said. "We have to segment the market and be thoughtful about it."

In the interview, the HP CEO also hinted at a future HP device that skirts the line between laptop and tablet. "All tablet, all laptop," she explained. "And you can take the screen off. You can work with a regular keyboard. Or you can take the screen off and sit back and watch a movie on the airplane."

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