Dev tool test fuels talk of longer iPhone 5 display

Simulations of the next iPhone's rumoured display resolution may make talk of a taller screen more credible, according to Apple-centric news blog 9to5Mac.

(Credit: Apple)

Apple has been testing the taller display setting, unnamed sources told the blog. 9to5Mac used iOS development tools to simulate a 640x1136-pixel resolution screen, which gave the phone five rows of icons stacked vertically above the dock, instead of the four displayed with the current iOS.

The simulator would not correctly display the five rows at any resolution other than 640x1136 — other resolutions scaled the icons to the size used for iPads, according to the blog. You can view the screenshots here.

Rumours surfaced in May that Apple plans to launch a phone with a 4-inch screen, no doubt exciting iPhone users who would love to see a bigger screen, particularly as other phone makers increase their screen sizes.

This latest speculation adds to the plethora of rumours swirling around Apple and the iPhone 5, including one that the company will release the next-gen phone at a September event.


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