Digital Life #46: It's TV week!

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It's silly season for television this week as we attend three major launches for TVs and related products. Green's the overriding theme, but as it's also Sydney Fashion Week we manage to squeeze some skinny models in there as well. Of the TV kind.

Join Joe "Piggy Sniffles" Hanlon, Ty "Freeview-tastic" Pendlebury and Lexy "B3" Savvides, with special guest Derek "Funky" Fung as they chart the new frontiers of technology.

We have a chat about fake iPhones and cars, and also look at the trend towards mobile gaming and the best notebooks for playing World of Warcraft. And in our Tips and Tricks section we examine how to automate downloading podcasts such as this one. And finally, rabbits and pigs: together at last!

For further information on what we talked about, click on the links below.

Freeview gets a little help from the Bananas

Panasonic goes slim and green

Fake iPhones are bad .... mmmkay?

Spot the fakes at the Shanghai Motor Show

Best gaming laptops

Tips and Tricks: Podcast 101

Total time: 23.15 mins.

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