Digital Life #5: Hold me closer, tiny Web site

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In this week's installment of Digital Life,'s radio show and podcast, we talk about blimp-shaped speakers, a hernia-inducing laptop and browsing teeny sites on your phone.

Behind the mic are's Ella Morton and Cam St.Clair, with Craig Simms making a cameo to talk Web video.

Each week we bring you a bunch of chatter on the latest news, cool products and burning issues in the gadget world. The show goes out on radio from 10pm, or 8pm for the WA dwellers. To see if there's a station near you, visit You can also listen online from 10pm via the Sea FM Web site.

The podcast can be streamed or downloaded below, and you can hear the previous four episodes on our Digital Life podcast page.

Check out the links below for more info on what we talked about.

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The blimp-shaped iPod speaker
Hear Zeppelin, on a Zeppelin

Want to watch Web video on your plasma telly?
How to watch downloads on your TV

Plasma vs LCD for gamers
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