Digital Life #60: CNET Australia turns 5!

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Reep deedle eep deep it's our birthday! CNET Australia launched five years ago today and we look back at the best and worst of tech in the last five years. Plus, it's also our 60th Digital Life.

We look back to a simpler time, when megapixels were single digits, when 32-inch panels were the biggest LCD you could get, and when camcorders came with ... MP3 players?

Plus, we take on GameSpot's OzSpot in our promised Passion field test, and get some (not so) surprising results. (We can say that we got a score of 7.2!)

Your intrepid partycasters this week are Ty "Gary with one R" Pendlebury, Joseph Hanlon, Lexy Savvides and Derek Fung who bring you what's old in tech.

Full links to what we talked about are below — don't forget to leave us your comments in the talkback or in the forums.

Five years of CNET from all our categories


Passion iPhone application

The top 10 songs the web brought back

Would you use a Woolies mobile?

Best DAB+ radios

Outside broadcast to promote DAB+ on Thursday

It's Steve Brule's birthday, too!

Total time: 34 min

Right-click to download the podcast in MP3 format.

Nothing says party like a pink Birthday Girl hat (Credit: Joe Hanlon)

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