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Who would you get to voice a GPS system? On Digital Life this week we ask this question, plus look at new stuff from Samsung for your inner poser.

So Nokia's got a netbook and a bunch of new phones, Windows 7 looks pretty good from our first inspections, and Derek having returned from Bangkok admits liking Samsung's latest camera line-up. He was so excited, we caught him doing this during the podcast. Have we all turned into a bunch of wide-eyed optimists?

Not quite. We also talk about how it's (technically) illegal to use your mobile phone as a GPS while driving, and why Lexy Savvides would dig the dulcet tones of Bob Dylan telling us to not think twice because it's alright. Joseph Hanlon, Ty Pendlebury and Derek "$5" Fung also weigh in on this debate. Cadillac ad, anyone?

Full links to what we talked about are below — don't forget to leave us your comments in the talkback or in the forums.

Samsung's new Icon range, with added Jet

Derek's excursion to Bangkok, in pictures

Nokia's netbook, aww, innit cute?

Total time: 29:28min

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