Digital Radio event rocks Sydney!

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Radio stations around Australia put aside their differences and joined together today to promote digital radio through a series of events which included live broadcasts and entertainment.

The "Radio United" outside broadcasts involved over 40 stations this morning with events in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

According to organisers Commercial Radio Australia, thousands of people attended the events around the country, with the largest crowd gathering in Sydney.

CNET Australia attended the launch in Sydney's Martin Place, which featured not only 16 radio stations, but several digital radio manufacturers as well. Bands, free coffee and people in foam suits dominated the day as crowds of people thronged to see their favourite breakfast announcers.

One of digital's biggest advantages is the improvement in quality over AM broadcasts, and the AM talk radio stations were there in force. Digital content director at Austereo Jaime Chaux pointed to the talk radio stalls and said: "Usually all these guys hate each other so the fact that they're all here together is nothing short of miraculous."

Celebrities who attended the event included singer Guy Sebastian, actor Brian Brown, MasterChef winner Julie (below), and the NSW Premier Nathan Rees.

Click through to see some of the event highlights, and the gadgets you can listen to digital radio on — including the iRiver B30 MP3 player which displays broadcasted artwork.

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Blocka posted a comment   

How did edge fm get a digital channel when there licensed for the Blue Mountains area of Sydney's West...What a Joke!


Rich posted a comment   

I hope with all this hype, we get more diversity in programming offered and not just more of the same old repetition.


vin posted a comment   

Second to comment on this story !:P

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