Digital camera buyers' guides

  • Best cheap action cameras

    Best cheap action cameras

    Can't afford a GoPro? We put three cheap action cameras under AU$150 to the test to determine which one should win your cash. 1

  • Best digital SLRs under AU$2000

    Best digital SLRs under AU$2000

    If you want a bit more than just a basic digital SLR, here is a list of the best models to choose from. 6

  • Best travel cameras

    Best travel cameras

    Whether you want a compact camera with a long zoom for travelling or just for everyday use, we've got the ideal camera for every situation. 20

  • Best digital SLRs for beginners

    Best digital SLRs for beginners

    There's more choice than ever when it comes to buying a digital SLR. We've rounded up the best cameras available, with some tips to help you buy the right model. 1289

  • Best DSLRs under AU$1000

    Best DSLRs under AU$1000

    You don't have to spend a lot to get a decent DSLR for under AU$1000. Here are some buying tips and top models to keep an eye out for. 6

  • Best interchangeable lens cameras

    Best interchangeable lens cameras

    Want a more compact, lightweight alternative to a digital SLR? We've collected the best examples of interchangeable lens cameras in one handy guide. 5

  • Best advanced compact cameras

    Best advanced compact cameras

    Here are some of the most competent compacts available for advanced photographers and anyone looking for a little more control. 33

  • Compact cameras with big zooms

    Compact cameras with big zooms

    Why settle for a camera with a tiny zoom? Here are our favourite compact cameras that sport long optical zooms. 5

  • Best pro cameras

    Best pro cameras

    Professional photographers demand a lot from their equipment. From sports, weddings and everything in-between, here are our top picks for the serious photo-taker.

  • Best budget cameras under AU$300

    Best budget cameras under AU$300

    Need a cheap camera? Never fear; we have you covered with the best models you can buy for under AU$300. 12

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