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Exposure Pro

  • CNET's Melbourne photo walk: architecture how-to

    CNET's Melbourne photo walk: architecture how-to

    Learn how to take stunning architecture photos with award-winning photographer Rocco Ancora, as he leads the CNET photo walk in Melbourne. 2

  • Exposure Pro: Rocco Ancora

    Exposure Pro: Rocco Ancora

    Rocco Ancora is one of Australia's leading wedding photographers. He chats with us about finding his personal style and his passion for photo-based storytelling. 1

  • Exposure Pro: Michael Aw

    Exposure Pro: Michael Aw

    Underwater photographer and conservationist Michael Aw showcases his favourite images from Antarctica and beyond on Exposure Pro.

  • Exposure Pro: Dan O'Day

    Exposure Pro: Dan O'Day

    Award-winning wedding and documentary photographer Dan O'Day showcases his portfolio on Exposure Pro. 1

  • Exposure Pro: Alina Gozin'a

    Exposure Pro: Alina Gozin'a

    Film, theatre and TV photographer, Alina Gozin'a shares her tips on breaking into the industry and talks about her career.

  • Exposure Pro: Julianna Koh-Blackwell

    Exposure Pro: Julianna Koh-Blackwell

    What is the secret to an amazing pet photo? Julianna Koh-Blackwell shares her tips and favourite photos on Exposure Pro.

  • Exposure Pro: Alexia Sinclair

    Exposure Pro: Alexia Sinclair

    Digital artist and photographer Alexia Sinclair presents a selection of her spectacular historical portraits series, and talks about her work on Exposure Pro. 1

  • Exposure Pro: Peter Solness

    Exposure Pro: Peter Solness

    A pioneer of night photography and stunning light-painting techniques, Peter Solness creates whimsical and beautiful images of the Australian landscape.

  • Exposure Pro: Jack Atley

    Exposure Pro: Jack Atley

    This year's winner of the Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize showcases his diverse portfolio of photos, including sports, landscapes and portraits.

  • Exposure Pro: Wendy McDougall

    Exposure Pro: Wendy McDougall

    From shooting musicians to working in the fast-paced world of film and TV photography, Wendy McDougall shares images from her 30-year career.

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