• Exposure: Fiona + Bobby

    Exposure: Fiona + Bobby

    Through photography, a romance between Fiona and Bobby blossomed. The couple share their stories and photos on Exposure.

  • Exposure: David Collier

    Exposure: David Collier

    Discover underwater artistic photography through David Collier's lens.

  • Exposure: Michelle Robinson

    Exposure: Michelle Robinson

    Michelle Robinson is a mobile photographer and artist who uses a number of different devices to capture her artistic vision. Explore her portfolio on Exposure. 3

  • Exposure: Mona Taklani

    Exposure: Mona Taklani

    After moving to Australia from her native Sweden, Mona Taklani decided to pursue her passion for fashion by merging her skills in photography and graphic design.

  • Exposure: Oli Sansom

    Exposure: Oli Sansom

    A master of high and low key, designer-turned-photographer Oli Sansom takes us through his favourite photo moments.

  • Exposure: Adrian Tan

    Exposure: Adrian Tan

    From design to photography, Adrian Tan has arrived in Australia via Japan and London to showcase his portfolio.

  • Exposure: Benny Lee

    Exposure: Benny Lee

    Benny is a storyteller who uses his camera to weave a narrative. Check out his portfolio in this month's Exposure.

  • Exposure: Jason Ruth

    Exposure: Jason Ruth

    A specialist in HDR and landscape photography, Jason Ruth talks about his technique and the stories behind his favourite photographs. 3

  • Exposure: Kate Seabrook

    Exposure: Kate Seabrook

    Kate's photography documents the spaces in which people live, the live music scene in Melbourne and offers a unique glimpse of her city's fashion.

  • Exposure: Bel and Dodge Pangburn

    Exposure: Bel and Dodge Pangburn

    A love story told in photographs, Bel and Dodge Pangburn shoot together to bring their unique take on weddings and portraits to their clients.

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