• Exposure: Rene Martens

    Exposure: Rene Martens

    With over 30 years of photography experience under his belt, Rene Martens shows off his Australian landscapes and nature shots.

  • Exposure: Maria Crisp

    Exposure: Maria Crisp

    Maria has been taking photos since she was 13, documenting the sun-drenched beach lifestyle of her home town of Geraldton in Western Australia and beyond.

  • Exposure: Boris Poznovia

    Exposure: Boris Poznovia

    As an architect with a lifelong passion for photography, Boris Poznovia shares his portfolio of images with us on Exposure.

  • Exposure: Alex Cherney

    Exposure: Alex Cherney

    Ever wanted to take photos of the stars? Alex Cherney shares his amazing portfolio of astronomical photos, and explains how you can do it, too. 5

  • Exposure: Chris Jones

    Exposure: Chris Jones

    With a background in IT, Chris Jones brings a unique spin on photography for this month's Exposure. Check out his amazing HDR, automotive and fractal work. 2

  • Exposure: Jason Smith

    Exposure: Jason Smith

    Setting himself a challenge to improve his skills, Jason Smith has developed a style of his own in portraiture and lifestyle photography. Explore his portfolio on Exposure.

  • Exposure: Leah Dee

    Exposure: Leah Dee

    Sydney-based photographer Leah Dee has no formal training and uses only compact cameras to take her beautiful macro, nature and architectural shots. 1

  • Exposure: Tim Coulson

    Exposure: Tim Coulson

    Capturing spontaneous moments of everyday life, Tim Coulson swapped the corporate life for a slower photographic pace. Explore his portfolio this month on Exposure.

  • Exposure: Janko Dragovic

    Exposure: Janko Dragovic

    Graphic designer and photographer Janko Dragovic shares some of his magical HDR photos and long exposure landscapes. 3

  • Exposure: David Cheng

    Exposure: David Cheng

    Photographer David Cheng swapped university life for working in a camera store. He shares his favourite moments and street photos on Exposure. 1

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