• Exposure: Andrei Nikulinsky

    Exposure: Andrei Nikulinsky

    With a portfolio of amazing insect macro shots under his belt, Andrei Nikulinsky shares his favourite photographs with us on Exposure. 3

  • Exposure: Ben Dickson

    Exposure: Ben Dickson

    After travelling the world, Ben Dickson returned home to Australia with a collection of stunning landscapes and panoramas to share with us on Exposure. 14

  • Exposure: Lester Jones

    Exposure: Lester Jones

    From the television industry to documenting street style, Lester Jones has done it all and shares his unique love for sneakers and photography on Exposure.

  • Exposure: Andrew Günsberg

    Exposure: Andrew Günsberg

    Andrew Günsberg is one of Australia's most well-known TV and radio presenters. He shares highlights from his 365 Days self-portrait project on Exposure. 1

  • Exposure: Anthony Roach

    Exposure: Anthony Roach

    A marine biologist with a love for photography, Anthony Roach takes us through his portfolio on Exposure. 3

  • Exposure: Matt Granger

    Exposure: Matt Granger

    Photography has always been a passion for Matt Granger and this month on Exposure he highlights some of his portfolio of portraits, wedding and event photos with an emphasis on strobist technique. 4

  • Exposure: Dicky Tong

    Exposure: Dicky Tong

    Having piqued his interest in photography at the Sydney Olympics, Dicky has gone on to shoot weddings and portraiture. His work is showcased on Exposure this month. 3

  • Exposure: Ana Suntay-Tañedo

    Exposure: Ana Suntay-Tañedo

    Ana Suntay-Tañedo's photography shows her unique take on the world, from striking landscapes to intricate light studies. 9

  • Exposure: Jayson Hay

    Exposure: Jayson Hay

    Motor-sports photographer Jayson Hay takes us through his portfolio of racing and car images on Exposure.

  • Exposure: Gemma Deavin

    Exposure: Gemma Deavin

    Reportage and documentary photographer Gemma Deavin shows us her work on a moving edition of Exposure. 4

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