• Exposure: Craig Gibson

    Exposure: Craig Gibson

    Wildlife and environment photographer Craig Gibson has travelled the world in pursuit of his passion. On this month's Exposure he showcases some of his African shots. 1

  • Exposure: Kylie Knight

    Exposure: Kylie Knight

    Landscape photographer Kylie Knight lets us explore her portfolio of Australian sights and animals. 12

  • Exposure: Waynne Ning

    Exposure: Waynne Ning

    Fashion photographer Waynne Ning lets us explore her portfolio of fashion and beauty portraiture on a brand new Exposure for 2010. 10

  • Exposure: Irsan Tedja

    Exposure: Irsan Tedja

    Events photographer Irsan Tedja lets us sneak a peek into his private collection of photos, from flowers to portraiture. 12

  • Exposure: Bonnie Lin

    Exposure: Bonnie Lin

    After discovering the joys of photography while travelling, Bonnie Lin has been taking photos ever since, focusing on weddings, fashion and everyday life. 6

  • Exposure: Christine Lim

    Exposure: Christine Lim

    Fashion and beauty photographer Christine Lim fell for the beauty of the lens during her university studies, and has never looked back. 4

  • Exposure: David Poata

    Exposure: David Poata

    David Poata traded his bass guitar and microphone for a camera and a life of shooting fashion models, and is profiled on this month's Exposure. 1

  • Exposure: Sabrina Wong

    Exposure: Sabrina Wong

    Photographer Sabrina Wong creates stylised scenes and exotic backdrops to highlight her unique take on portraiture and character photography on this month's Exposure. 8

  • Exposure: Emiko Monobe

    Exposure: Emiko Monobe

    Emiko Monobe is our featured photographer on Exposure this month. She specialises in striking black and white images of everyday life.

  • Winners of Canon Exposure Photography Competition 2009

    Winners of Canon Exposure Photography Competition 2009

    CNET Australia and Canon Australia are proud to announce the winners of the Canon Exposure Photography competition for 2009. 7

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