• Exposure: Mark Dadswell

    Exposure: Mark Dadswell

    Sports photographer Mark Dadswell, the winner of the Second Prize Sports Action Singles award in the 2009 World Press Photo awards, is profiled on this month's Exposure. 3

  • Exposure: Matt Robinson

    Exposure: Matt Robinson

    Matt Robinson, the winner of CNET Australia's Canon Exposure photography competition in 2008, shows us a collection of his best work. 1

  • Exposure: Lee Grant

    Exposure: Lee Grant

    This month's Exposure features the work of Canberra photographer Lee Grant, and her gripping suburban themed series "Belco Pride". 13

  • Exposure: Anthony Tran

    Exposure: Anthony Tran

    Music photographer Anthony Tran has taken photos of some of the biggest musicians in Australia and from overseas, coupling his passion for music with striking visual imagery. 1

  • Exposure: Amanda Gilligan

    Exposure: Amanda Gilligan

    Sydney-based photographer Amanda Gilligan showcases her collection of Polaroid and medium format images on this month's Exposure. 1

  • Exposure: Adam Spence

    Exposure: Adam Spence

    18-year-old Adam Spence showcases his photography of his hometown, Canberra, and beyond.

  • Exposure: Gerry Pearce

    Exposure: Gerry Pearce

    Wildlife photographer Gerry Pearce showcases his astounding work featuring Australian fauna. 3

  • Exposure: Belinda Mason

    Exposure: Belinda Mason

    Award winning photographer Belinda Mason showcases her emotionally intense work on this month's Exposure series.

  • Exposure: Zander Snape

    Exposure: Zander Snape

    Student Zander Snape takes his photography to the beach and beyond. 1

  • Exposure: Chris Bray

    Exposure: Chris Bray

    Adventurer Chris Bray shares some incredible wildlife shots from the Canadian Arctic, New Zealand and Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

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